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בזכותך התחלתי לשמוע טראנס פסיכדלי תודה Cosmic Tone is Roei Nissan - located up in the peaceful northern city Naharia (Israel). Cosmic Tone, and he has, producing a bunch of new unrl. tracks hard an heavy, deep & aggressive, and playing his excellent live act all over. Roei Nissan (24 yr's) was introduced to trance music in 1996, as a child he played the keyboard and the guitar and was surrounded by music through his life. During the end of 99 he set out on a trip in the far east for close to 3 years, he visited, lived, dj'ed and organized parties in Thailand, Laos (first ever full moon there), Goa and across India, Australia , Africa (eclipse 2001) etc... He began producing his own style of music while residing in Thailand. After a while he decided to return home, build a studio and start composing music in a more professional and pleasant environment. Cosmic Tone in its original formation consisted of 2 partners who set together the sound and produced Cosmic tones debut release "Overwhelming". Noga & Nissan were introduced to each other by a mutual friend and started adding elements to tracks they each composed independently. While sitting and playing their live set to a good friend - Cosma (RIP), which was delighted with what he heard, he was asked to think of a name; he thought of - Electric Tone. Something Cosmic was missing, Cosmic Tone fit perfectly. Their interpretation of Cosmic tone is parallel to the way they describe their music: "spacey, emotional with uncompromising sound which is always explored deeper and deeper". Cosmic Tone's debut album "Overwhelming" CD is ready is ready for distribution (Trancelucent P), it is an amazing and exciting release, hat have gained excellent reviews worldwide. Cosmic Tone's live act is a work of art, special and unique and is in constant evolution and change. He has been playing extensively all over Israel and is to be expected on Festivals worldwide, such as: Full Moon (Germany), Solar Tribe Festival - Croatia, ZOOM Festival

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