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Cosmicity, aka singer/songwriter/programmer Mark Nicholas, helped sustain and expand the underground Synthpop scene of the late 90's and early 00's. Today, one could successfully argue that he has finally become a true master of the genre. A new release (December 2014) called Humans May Safely Graze finds Mark at the top of his game. The songwriting has a weight and maturity that earlier material sometimes lacked, yet somehow every delicious synthpop flavor not only remains, but has blossomed. Mark's Erasure and Pet Shop Boys influences are still clear, but he's obviously been absorbing plenty of the new stuff too. Dubstep flourishes are hidden neatly in tiny pockets, and the more "raw" synthesizer sounds popular with bands like Chvrches and Class Acress have also seeped into his arsenal. "Humans May Safely Graze" was apparently over 4 years in the making. The quality and care taken is obvious, right down to the final mastering sheen applied at the famed Abbey Road Studio in London. (Yes, THAT Abbey Road.) Oh, sure, you'll find yourself feasting on the irresistible hooks on your first listen through this album, but you'll come back again and again for the emotional hook… secrets revealed and the truths identified. Indeed, it's not just a clever name: humans may safely graze. Cosmicity on Facebook Cosmicity on Twitter More info: - Mark has a degree from the Universiy of Michigan in Music and Technology. - Mark is married to Detroit's DJ Ginger Snapp (The Labyrinth, Pr1mary Sounds, IPM Radio), who sometimes co-produces his albums. - Mark has done some cool stuff, like winning or placing in some songwriting competitions (John Lennon, ISC, Artist's Forum, etc.) getting his music on some shows and commercials (like the TV show "Haunted" starring Matthew Fox before he was on "Lost"!), and being on some cool compilations (Dodge Sounds of Detroit comp., the OMD Messages tribute album, etc.). - Mark sometimes creates harder-edged electronic music under his real name. He has so far released the albums Duchess 33 (2007) and Perversions (2008). For more information, visit the Cosmicity Website here: .

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