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There are 7 artists named cosmo. 1. Peter Cubala, known as Cosmo, a Slovak Psychedelic trance DJ 2. A Hip Hop MC 3. An indie folk pop band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 4. An one-man folk-punk-hiphop. 5. cosMo, short name for cosMo@暴走P, a Vocaloid producer. 6. Cosmo, a psychedelic/electronic singer/songwriter from Ivrea, Italy, member of the psychedelic band Drink to Me 7. A side-project headed by Maccabees guitarist Felix White, featuring Jack Peñate, Florence Welch, Johnny Bramwell, Adam Day, Jessie Ware, Hugo White, Jamie N Commons, and Sam Doyle. 1. Slovak musician Peter Cubala known as Cosmo. He survived the crazy psychedelic experiments to give a fresh breath to psychedelic trance scene. Cosmo’s style can be described as fast & furious, extremely brutal and sci-fi acid trance for full power vibration lovers around the world. His official website : 2. In the summer of '88, Jon Kagan (a handsome little redhead), was born in Manhattan, New York. After moving with his mom to the suburbs of New Jersey at the age of 7, Cosmo was getting familiar with both a new home and a new family. One summer when he was 11 his older step-brother’s friends gave him some honest classic hip-hop albums that would inspire him to write his own music. 3. Cosmo is a indie pop folk band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed in 2010 by former Mataplantas members Pablo De Caro and Maximiliano García; former Interama member Ayar Saba; former Juana la Loca Diego Chamorro; Les Mentettes member Pablo Font; Mompox and Brian Storming member Andrés Ravioli; and Ricardo Balado. They released their self-titled debut in 2011, available for free download in their official web page : 4. Cosmo is a one-man folk-punk-hiphop phenomenon. His energetic shows fuse sharp comedy with ruthless social satire and high octane passion. Over the years of criss-crossing the country with just a beat-up guitar, he has forged a position as a unique chronicler of the underbelly of UK life. 5. cosMo, short name for cosMo(Bousou-P) aka cosMo(暴走P), mostly known as cosMo@暴走P, is a Vocaloid producer. He is known for creating incredibly high-speed songs with the tempo that exceed 200 beats per minute, and is most popular for his "Infinity" series and his "Bousou" series.

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