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Cosmochaos aka Aleks Serkisyan discovers music in the city of Istanbul while he was a teenager, In 1997, Aleks writes his first tracks with tracker software and some midi equipment. In 1998 he moves to France where he builds his studio. Highly inspired by the 90’s music, he experiments different styles and focuses his efforts for producing a fusion of psychedelic and techno trance music between 2003 and 2005 dozens of tracks are rapidly signed on labels such as 3D vision, Shiva Space Technology, SSJ ,AP Records with a dark tech trance style, to follow his debut album Trespasser was a success. Each of his tracks catches the attention of the scene, and keeps surprising the dance floor. Cosmochaos quickly becomes and international live act and performs live sets around the globe. He also collaborates with other global acts. The passion for greater production pushes the act and its styles to mature. After studying Audio engineering @ SAE school of Paris Aleks unleashes the outcome of 2007-2008 at “Sonic Compulsion” studio with a highly crafted morning trance album “Laws of motion”. The second mature album was produced with the utmost care for details and to bring the audience to a higher state of mind. Cosmochaos’s new sound can be identified as powerful, atmospheric, melodic, mind driving groovy dance floor gems. Each track keeps a unique construction identity and they will easily find a place to find the peak moments of parties. Debut Cosmochaos met Frederic Ali Talaa aka Neuromotor, one of the pioneer activists of the psytrance scene. After a few studio sessions they decided to combine their style to develop a fat sounding project with the name Neuromotor vs. Chosmochaos. The first release of this collaboration is coming soon on Mechanik records. Warm up your legs, stretch your muscles, and get ready for some sonic mayhem with a positive spirit.

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