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Cosmos Vibration is a project from Alejandro Jose Galvan. Alejandro is an Argentinian music producer. His style consists of groovy bases with trippy melodies, psychedelic sounds and solid percussions leading to an experimental journey into the abstract dimention and inviting to dance. His music is defined by gothic atmospheres and sounds, with bright melodies and twisted leads. Alejandro has released tracks on Dark Prisma, Trasition Records, and Ovnimoon records. He recently finished his first album "Unknown Universe", released on the label Ovnimoon records. Currently he is also finalizing his second Cosmos Vibration album that will be released on Rizoma Records, as well as a second Heterogenesis album. Heterogenesis is a parallel project that Alejandro has with Jorge Uema (Pragmatix). With this project they have already played at important festivals like Universo Paralello (Brazil), Trancendence (Brazil), For a do Tempo (Brazil), Moonflower (Patagonia Argentina), Monte Mapu (Chile) sharing the stage with many other important artists from the psytrance scene.

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