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It was in 1997 when three hotshot upstarts with something to prove accidentally crossed paths at a Phoenix, Arizona rehearsal studio and had an instant musical connection. And thus COSMOSQUAD was born. Two acclaimed studio albums and one live disc later, Toledo, Ohio-born guitarist Jeff Kollman and Canadian drummer Shane Gaalaas remain as the trio’s dual dual force (with stand-in live bassist Christopher Maloney permanently on board in place of founding member Barry Sparks) and are celebrating their 10-year band anniversary with their latest creation, ‘Acid Test’. The album marks the group’s first studio effort since 2001‘s highly regarded ‘Squadrophenia’, which firmly established COSMOSQUAD as one of the premier progressive instrumental acts on the scene. Transcending classic 70's fusion and new age progressive metal stylings, COSMOSQUAD truly live up to their galactic moniker and make yet another out-of-this-world statement with what is possibly their most intense disc to date. Says Gaalaas: "Everything came together very naturally and it was a lot of fun to collaborate with Jeff again. I think we take the listener on quite the journey throughout 'Acid Test.' Epic songs with lots of movement, heaviness, some greasiness, and an amazing ballad from Kollman that really sets him apart from other guitar players. The playing is certainly elevated a notch but we still retain the classic 'Squad vibe - the stuff that made us 'famous' so to speak!" Discography: * Acid Test (2007) * Best of Cosmosquad (2003) * Live at the Baked Potato (2002) * Squadrophenia (2001) * Cosmosquad (1997) For more information please visit their official sites. This biography was written by Jeff Kollman exclusively for Cosmosquad's profile page.

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