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Metal, jazz, electro, reggae, waltz, disco, death, traditional music, salsa... Costa Gravos takes you along to its universe where bounds don't exist ! Half between a "big sound" gig and a five-men show, they invite to a trip through an impressionist musical fresco where you'll be given all the reasons to smile... and to move! Having built its reputation along many fucked up popular dance parties, Costa Gravos however claims outloud to be a metal band. They juggle with the styles as much as they intend to power up their compositions. That way, you won't be surprised to hear an aggressive death metal part mixed with a throbbing bossa nova, and the whole thing powdered with caustic humour. All these musicians have the love of jazz music in common, but many a band could give you a hint of what their influences are: "Naked City", "Mr Bungle". Salsa, brazilian music, thrash, hard-bop, techno, drum'n'bass, ragga, reggae, grindcore, etc.... stand as many ingredients which provide the band with its variety and its colour. Prepare for war and retirement bunch of motherfuckers, Costa Gravos is in the house, determined to play rigorously a music full of humour which will prove to be as joyful as experimental! Their first full length album was released on November 2006 in every drugstores... of the world... in France...

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