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Costanza biography

1. COSTANZA (aka Costanza Francavilla) Born in Italy and currently living in Brooklyn, NY, COSTANZA FRANCAVILLA is a visionary artist: singer / composer / multi-instrumentalist / producer acclaimed by the press as “... MESMERIZING ... EDGY and POLITICALLY SAVVY” her music is a dreamlike journey into sensual , provocative and hypnotic electronica. Among her works, she collaborated with trip-hop guru TRICKY ( who referred to her as "the female version of me") and composed music for FILM / TV / ADS including C.S.I. and THE L WORD. With a strong independent / DIY philosophy, she's also involved in visual art, photography, architecture & social consciousness projects. In 2006 she released her first self-produced EP and moved to New York City where she founded her own label and recording studio, ZEROKILLED MUSIC. COSTANZA first full-length album ‘SONIC DIARY’ is out now. She's currently working on a new project called B_CO.ME, with minimal techno artist Marco Messina (99 Posse), as well as producing and collaborating with other cutting edge artists in her NYC studio. Her next album and visual art project is planned for release in the near future. ELECTRIC BLOOM, the first ZEROKILLED MUSIC compilation, featuring COSTANZA & various electronic artists, is coming soon. 2. Costanza - obscure raw punk band hailing from Portland. They released a hilarious cassette titlied "Cant Stand Ya!" sometime in 2012, along with a few other singles. [Info might not be entirely accurate]

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