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Cougnut biography

I.M.P are Cougnut and C-Fresh, they debuted with the single Gangsta Rock N Roll on Vinyl. They next released No Prisoners in 1989 containing the song scandlous. In 1990 they released I.M.P Dogs. In 1993 I.M.P released Back In The Dayz featuring Totally Insane, RBL Posse, Cellski and Dre Dog. Cougnut had a song on West Coast Bad Boyz I called Tell Me Something Good with Master P. In 1996 I.M.P released Ill Mannered Playas with a remix of Tell Me Somthing Good and other songs such as Public Execution, Wild Ass West and No Witnesses. Cougnut continued to make appearances and compilation tracks after the last I.M.P album, he was due to soon release his debut solo album called Skanless 2K and a greatest hits album. On September 4th 2001 Cougnut was killed in a car accident. the driver lost control of the car, causing it to flip several times before coming to rest in a field. Only one of the three was wearing a seat belt. Rapper D-Mac was also killed in the crash. C-Fresh is soon due to release a debut solo album. S.F.C. - Sucka Free City Pioneer & Legend ...He (like Tupac) combined hard lyrics with inner feelings and emotions, and by his raps you could tell he loved and felt what he did. Cougnut is also known to roll his R's every so often when rapping out his lyrics. His Brother C-Fresh still raps & so does his known associates; Cellski, Guce, Messy Marv, San Quinn & Bald Head Rick

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