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Count Zero is an innovative Boston band that mixes electronics, acoustic grit, strong melodies, intriguing arrangements and creative lyrics into an intense, eclectic stew of musical experimentation... and it's catchy too. It's Future Pop for the disenchanted. History Founded by three former members of the groundbreaking Boston band Think Tree, Count Zero recorded their debut CD "Affluenza" in 1996. With the addition of a full-time bassist and keyboardist, they played their first show in March of '96 at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA, and have been entertaining an expanding congregation of devoted fans ever since. Personnel Peter Moore: vocals Will Ragano: guitars Eric Paull: drums Izzy Maxwell: bass Joel Simches: keyboards Sound An obsessively creative mashing of many classic and modern styles of popular music are found in any given Count Zero song, from retro-groove to indie-rock to electronic pop to country twang. Raw sounds intermingle with lush Radiohead-esque orchestrations and unexpected sound/sample manipulations, affording a unique listening experience known for grabbing even the most jaded ears. Their distinctive sound combines the flair for melody and complexity of Flaming Lips and later Blur, the brains of Talking Heads/ Brian Eno and the raw power of Zeppelin and Sly Stone. Why you should care • They tastefully present inordinately infectious melodies • They ingeniously engineer durable, socially-observant yet heartfelt lyrics • They create sophisticated, yet unpretentious arrangements • Their live performances are vigorous, exuberant and challenging • They probably won't go away........ever What they are up to Count Zero toured North America with The Dresden Dolls for six weeks in the Fall of 2004 to much acclaim. Their most recent release (their 3rd CD) Little Minds is a melody-riddled songfest, with lilting, melancholic lap-steel intermingling with an array of exotic synths, samples, odd turns and intense beats. With songs on both Guitar Hero 1 & 2 (one of the most popular video games in recent history), their fanbase is growing quickly.

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