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With all its lineup adjustments, changes in sound and over-the-top live shows, it's amazing that Cream Abdul Babar is one of the longest-standing bands in the Tallahassee scene, lasting more than a decade. After all this time, Cream Abdul Babar continues to consistently pound out obnoxious, noisy, abrasive punk rock to agitate the local residents. From its first releases as a more Dwarves-like punk band (1994's self-released “Chlamydia Lunch” EP, their 1995 split 7” with late Tallahassee noise band, I Guard the Sheep and their first full-length “The Backwater of Masculine Ethics” in 1996) to subsequent records slowly but surely making more and more waves in the world of underground metal (1998's “Buried in Broken Glass” EP and 2002's “Catalyst to Ruins”), Cream Abdul Babar has made itself a strong candidate for the most infamous band in Tallahassee today. Through their tours and travels (one with fellow metal heads Mastodon, in 2002), Cream Abdul Babar contributed songs to many split releases with bands on small labels. This disparate work culminated on Cream Abdul Babar's 10th anniversary, releasing both the double-disc, discography-capping “Excavation: 1995 - 1998” and “Covering the Track Marks,” a covers EP, last year. By Paul DeRevere Discography: “Chlamydia Lunch” EP (What's Wrong With Your Eye?; 1994), Cream Abdul Babar / I Guard The Sheep Split (What's Wrong With Your Eye?; 1995), “The Backwater of Masculine Ethics” (What's Wrong With Your Eye?/AAJ; 1996?), “Buried in Broken Glass” EP (What's Wrong With Your Eye?/AAJ; 1998), “Catalyst to Ruins” (At A Loss; 2002), “The Space Split” (Stickfigure; 2002), Cream Abdul Babar / Kylesa Split (At A Loss; 2003), Cream Abdul Babar / Teen Cthulu Split (Hyperrealist; 2003), “Excavation: 1995 - 1998” (Public Guilt; 2004), “Covering the Track Marks” (Underadar; 2004).

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