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Creosote biography

There are Two bands with the name Creosote 1) Anarcho/punk Female Fronted band from Flagstaff Arizona "creosote is a dual female fronted anarcha-feminist band about instigation and agitation to the straight white boy punk scene. we’re not interested in the shock rock values of apolitical bullshit. we’re here to encourage people to react, to spit and raise fist of fury and rage into the faces of the front row bio-dude spilling his beer on the queerdo trying to have a good time. we’re here to address issues and to link systematic oppression and create links as to how that affects us personally such as sexual abuse, mental issues, heterosexism, recognizing white privilege and along with that male privilege, addressing class and financial privilege, capitalism/consumer culture and the way that it disconnects us from our environment our friends and our families ie making record collecting a priority over creating better friendships and developing stronger communication, deconstruction of all oppression including the words that we use and addressing these issues outside of the academic world with more accessible language. creosote supports the fluidity between genders whether that be a third, fourth or fifth gender, whether it be none of the above or all of them at once. we’re unapologetic anarcha-feminists and feminist supporters who aim to smash patriarchy, we support indigenous resistance and aim to smash the fat phobic world we live in. along with the deconstruction of the system we aim for the reconstruction of our lives. we encourage the healing of ourself, friends, family and community. we’re accountable for the things that we say and the actions we take." - 2)An indie Rock band from Tucson Arizona- "The straight-forward, gritty Americana of Tucson's Creosote is all of boozy, bitter and sweet. Featuring the rough-hewn vocals of songwriter Jason Steed, Blacksmoke plays out like a collection of inebriated conversations between a broken man and whoever might be listening. In the spirit of bands like the Drive-By Truckers, Slobberbone and Uncle Tupelo, Creosote's underlying rock-driven honky-tonk and folk sound evokes broken tales of the southwest where the guitars are as sunbaked as the singer. - Miles Of Music " -

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