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1. Crime were an American noisy punk-rock 1977 sound outfit from San Francisco, California. They released their first single in 1976, with the original line-up that consisted of Johnny Strike (guitar/vocals), Frankie Fix (guitar/vocals), Ron "Ripper" Greco (bass) and Chris Cat (drums). Their initial recording session took place in mid-1976, which yielded the contents of the "Hot Wire My Heart" b/w "Baby You're So Repulsive" 45. After the release of the "Hot Wire" 7" on their own Crime Music label, they began appearing regularly at Mabuhay Gardens, a Filipino nightclub that would become the epicenter of San Francisco's punk scene. But Crime were outcasts within a group of outsiders, making high profile enemies early on and often. By 1977 they had begun sporting standard police uniforms at live dates and on the streets of San Francisco, much to the dismay of the San Francisco police department. A second vinyl release, "Frustration" b/w "Murder by Guitar," (with Brittley Black on drums) came out in mid-1977, again on Crime Music. Out-of-town gigs were sporadic, though the group did perform at San Quentin Penitentiary in full police garb. A third and final single, "Gangster Funk" b/w "Maserati," was delivered via the independent Berkeley Squared, and found the band using a synthesizer, which was also incorporated into their live show. Crime soldiered on for a brief period before quietly disbanding in 1982. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Crime is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan signed with Quickflip Entertainment. Showing his experiences through his hard-hitting beats and gruff voice, Crime is an open book for those who choose to consume him. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, one of the most recognizable cities for having a Rap and Hip Hop origin and influence, Crime is an artist with more than just rhymes to spew. Through real life portrayals of living in a place with a high crime rate, murders, violence, and drug disputes, he weaves stories that reflect his rise above the ashes. While he does not glorify his past, he does shoot from the hip one lyric at a time and consistently shows why his story is worth the listen. With a commanding presence that immediately attracts your attention and a distinctive sound that differentiates him from being comparable to today’s supposed competition, there’s no questioning why he’s here to lead and make a difference. Inspired by real Hip-Hop Pioneers his lyrics are compiled of issues that revolve around his life, perspectives, ambitions, and ups and downs, this original sound relates to more than just the ear. In fact it stands alone and on its own in an industry that is as predictable as it is black and white. Through the release of his new album “Streets Contagious,” which already boasts a number of well-recognized artists, Crime is preparing to back up his talent through a well-placed music auxiliary. Stand out joints include “What's Life," featuring Dolla and Ray J, which depicts a no holds barrel account of life on the streets, while "Thug Music" with Jim Jones and Freeway shows Crimes ability to hold his own with two of the industry’s seasoned rappers. Jackie-O, Hell Rell, and Harvey Lee also make not worthy appearances. Discography - Streets Are Contagious [2009] - Streets Are Contagious: Sliced & Screwed BY DJ Slice [2010] 3. Crime is a band from Tucson, Arizona. Members: vocals- nate no face gameboy/casio tony nickelplated. "Late at night, crawling though sewers and camping out behind dumpsters, CRIME spreads its aural mayhem of grimy blips and bleeps all across the city. Their arsenal of Gameboys may seem harmless at first, but don’t take these gutter-dwelling felons lightly! They’ll hold your ears hostage and slice through your senses with sawtooth waves." "Gameboy punx unite!"

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