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Crimes biography

There are three bands that go by the name of 'Crimes': 1. Garage Rock band from Minneapolis, MN. 2. A garagerock duo from Antwerp, Belgium. Crimes consists of 2 members: Bregt Van Wijnendaele (guitars & vocals) and Yannick Vink (drums). They play a mixture of garage rock, punk and hardcore. Since 2009 Crimes brings noise, high-energy live shows and a DIY atmosphere to stages around Antwerp. Notable achievements include ending an acclaimed three-gig performance in the rock contest The Next Stage with a silver medal, playing venues like Trix, Hof Ter Loo and Kavka multiple times, sharing the stage with local talents such as Kapitan Korsakov, Tangled Horns and The Tabasco Collective. Recently Crimes finished recording their latest EP, Let's March To The Drums of Sin, at the Pawn Shop studio in Antwerp. Listen and download: Myspace: Facebook: Youtube: 3. A 5 piece hardcore band from Palmerston North, New Zealand. Check out their bandcamp for free downloads etc

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