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Criminal Manne is an artist from Memphis, Tennessee. Confident, Confrontational, Brash, Brooding, Tense/Anxious, Thuggish. His music is hard. This guy doesn't take anything serious, except what matters to him and he remains defiantly gutter. Nothing - and I mean NOTHING - is untouchable to Criminal Manne and he takes it lower than you dared. Criminal is the founder of Gangsta Records. He is realistic about the rap game, but he keeps his own unique flavor that doesn't go away. No matter how many times you swallow. Criminal put much effort in, as an underground musician and is a mixtape wonder; working with DJ Squeeky and 8 Ball & MJG and for his “Got Work?”, that comes with heavy production by long time friend and business partner, DJ Squeeky of Mo Chedda Records. His 2009 release is the CD Certified Dopeboy, still hardcore, still underground but more polished and smootly polished in production. Criminal is like a fine wine. He gets better as he ages.

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