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The Criminal Minds, popularly known as 'TCM' were a collective Hip Hop movement formed in 1985 by scratch DJ 'Halo' (Anthony Jones) and Graffiti artist 'Chase 1' (Jonathan Clarke). DJ Halo began recording with rapper Iceski (Justin Swain) who met when they attended the same college in 1987. They released their first EP in 1988 - a copy of which would eventually find it's way into the hands of another local DJ. In 1990, 'Guilty As Charged' was released with help from a local DJ; 'DJ Spatts' (Ian Allen). Allen then joined the group to produce with Jones. They achieved a number one in the British Dance chart with their seminal release 'Baptised By Dub' and as a production team, Jones and Allen went on to release some fifty tracks together under various names.,+The

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