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Crimson Butterfly are legends of Nizhny Novgorod electronic underground. The band is one of those infrequent exceptions who notice all important trends in modern music, but thus try to write an alternative scenario. The project history initiated in summer 2008, when Seryozha, the founder and the brain of Crimson Butterfly, started to publish his sound experiments online. The new unusual sound phenomenon was immediately noticed in Nizhny Novgorod and other Russian regions. At first Crimson Butterfly was a multimedia and musical performance art project, cooperating with young visual artists. Crimson Butterfly made "Dissecting room" performances in Moscow and St. Petersburg at festivals of experimental character; both sound and visual parts of these performances were somewhat brutal. In 2009 a very limited CD edition of an early demo album 7even Days was released. Music got some airplay in specific radio programmes. Other Seryozha's tracks appeared in compilations of independent music and were released as network singles, the music itself became less harsh and abstract. Some lyrics performed by strongly vocoded voice appeared. In 2010 Seryozha recorded a diptych EP Interference EP / Back To Drugs, doing some vocal parts. During the recording sessions singer Katya joined the project. Dramatic image of a fragile, timid girl perfectly fitted Seryoza's rough music. In 2011 Crimson Butterfly returned to live activity, playing numerous gigs, from home concerts to open-airs. The band didn't become attached to any concrete musical style, determining the music as by Glo-fi/Drag pop/Dramatic nonsense. On 11.11.11 Crimson Butterfly released debut LP Make The Void A Better Place . The sound of the album shows how modern electronics could have developed on Russian grounds; if, for instance Salem rehearsed next door to СБПЧ, and Mujuice was a close friend with Chemical Brothers. Crimson Butterfly operates with large-scale ideas — combining witch-house, noise, trip-hop, rave, psychedelic drone and IDM to a viscous kind of dance music. Apathetic and distant voice on the album sings about death, alienation, psychosis, human cruelty and world terrorism; the lyrics, however are spiced with some irony, and, sometimes, hope. In the beginning of 2012, shortly after the album release, Katya left the band. In spring, after a small break, Crimson Butterfly came back to concert and studio activity with a refreshed vocal line-up and more daring sound ideas. The band released limited edition hand-made cassette EP New Years Bring New Orders in June'12. It featured latest studio work as well as some live recordings.

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