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In existence since 1994 in San Diego, California and created by Scorpios Androctonus, Crimson Moon have eclipsed beyond a decade of turmoil and triumph only to preserve that which it had began. After releasing a self titled demo in '94 (all work performed and recorded by Scorpios Androctonus (Sabnack, Akrabu, E.V.P., Possession Ritual) , and a second demo, "Into the Nocturnal Forest" in '95, where Nocturnal Overlord (Nibiru, Temple of the Dreaming Serpent, etc) joined in, Crimson Moon started writing and recording what would be known as the debut album "To Embrace the Vampyric Blood", which was released by Abyss Productions (RIP) in '96, and thus carving a scar into the flesh of boundaries for the U.S. Black Metal underground. As time progressed, so did the cycles of the Crimson Moon. A long silence ended in 2005 with the release of Under the Serpentine Spell by Total Holocaust Records (Sweden), consisting of rehearsal material recorded in 1997 on portable 4-track, and with Blood Moon Ausar (Dagon, Akhkharu, Scrying Pattern, Shynuja, etc.) appearing on synthesizers. 300 limited edition copies of "UTSS" were also pressed bearing the symbol of Crimson Moon, encased in black shrouded pouch, resting upon serpent skin, wormwood, dragons blood, and the sacred Salvia Divinorum. Those who possess the black shrouded album also possess the keys to travel the paths our audio workings open. In late September 2001, Crimson Moon started the long and thorough recording process of The Choice of Spirit which ended in 2006 and was released on 6/6/6 by Kthulu Productions (USA). Joined in spirit, but separated by distance and time, Blood Moon was not able to make the recording, and the synthesizers were once again performed by Overlord. In a more dreamlike and hidden threshold to present a clear and malevolent recording of venom without the anesthetic additives, the raw elements of black metal scarce to find a suitable area between harmony and disharmony were created. The audial essence of Crimson Moon is designed to enshroud the listener and induce the non symmetrical gravity that is known as the ripping of the soul, a violent journey within the chaos of fear and wonder. Atmospheric in both simplicity and complexity, a dual polarity force of structure twists and slithers the Crimson Moon into an unrivaled serpentine black metal form. On the lyrickal aspect, subjects of Astral Projection, Blood Ritual/worship, Sumerian Magick, Chaos Magick, Psychic Energy and the manipulation of (i.e. psychic vampirism), elated states of being, Pathworking within the Cosmos, and the awakening of the inmost self (Tiamat), dominate most verbal structures, spat forth such as some cobras spit their venom. Upon this release was cast forth sorcery of a level never before witnessed from Crimson Moon, the Alignment of the Serpentine Path U.S. tour. Until 2006 not once had Crimson Moon performed live, omitting options due to lack of proper environment. Finding the Gathering of Shadows Festival in Colorado to be a worthwhile event, determination was set forth and self financing through much work allowed all to commence as planned. To support the journey and preparation of a live ritual in the midst of landmark-impressive mountains, the form of a serpent was laid out upon the Southwestern U.S. to perform a circle of Live Rituals to those who gathered. A new light has been ignited, not unlike that of Luciferian Illumination, nor unlike the Rebirth that follows deaths cycle. The live rituals were a success, the gates were open and blood was spilled. Those who witnessed the essence of Crimson Moon face to face have witnessed their own choice of spirit. As of September 2006, Nocturnal Overlord has been removed from further workings and involvement with Crimson Moon. This shall mark a new era and a major increase of activity may be expected now that limitations which caused progress to be slow in the past are now lifted. New work is currently in progress with the use of a new and complete line-up (all former use of a drum machine has been laid to rest) and actions in the near future will be made to erase any doubts of anything but a strong progression within Crimson Moon. The Serpent is Awakened! Members: Scorpios Androctonus - Vocals, Bass, Lyricks Blood Moon Ausar - Keyboards and Sigil-Craft Occaxial Asceticus - Guitars Ixithra - Guitars VJS - Drums and Percussion Releases: Crimson Moon - Demo, Independent, December 1994. Line-up: Scorpios - Guitars, bass, vocals, synths, drum programming Into the Nocturnal Forest - Demo, Independent, May 1995. Line-up: Scorpios - Bass, vocals, synths, drum programming Overlord - Guitars, synths, drum programming To Embrace the Vampyric Blood - Full-length, Abyss Productions, 1996. Re-released in 2007 along with "Xepera Xeper Xeperu" by Deathgasm Rec. Under the Serpentine Spell - Full-length, Kthulu Productions, 1999. 1999 release on LP only. 2005 CD reissue by Total Holocaust Records includes bonus track "Veins of Immortality II". Also released as a limited edition with pouch, replica wax seal, CM sticker, Salvia Divinorum incense, Wormwood, Dragon's Blood incense & snake sheddings, limited to 100 copies. The Choice of Spirit - Best of/Compilation, Kthulu Production, June 6th, 2006. The album contains rehearsal material from the past 4 years. The first 6 tracks come from the bands' demos. There is also a twelfth track: "Aligment of the Serpentime Path" (10:00). The Serpent Beneath The Skin - EP, Deathgasm Records, 2007. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. Some copies come with snake skin. Xepera Xeper Xeperu - Best of/Compilation, Deathgasm Records, May 2007. Released on a unique "fan-disc" CD, accompanied with a re-release of "To Embrace the Vampyric Blood", enclosed in a double gate-fold, 2 CD digi-pack format including other noteworthy additives to the packaging. Disc one is new material under the name "Serpent Beneath the Skin" and the second disc is the first album "To Embrace...".

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