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Crisis Dance was founded in 1995 in Podolsk. The firstmembers of the band were: Arkadii Ivanov (drums), Evgenii Lisenkov (bass guitar), Aleksei Shubin (guitar), Maksim Belikhin (guitar), Artem Makarov (vocals). They first appeared on stage (january 1996) in club “Pereskop”.The history of the band begins from this day, because the name Crisis Dance was created few days before the concert. A young and interesting band appeared in Moscow and many people were excited about it. So, from this moment Crisis Dance takes part in many club shows, deserves respect among musician and love among listeners, takes part in popular fests. 1996 is also memorable for the band, because they earned two amateur prises – “Young, but cool” and “Hopes fest”. Crisis Dance was mostly influenced by Seatle grunge music, especially "Pearl Jam", "Soungarden", "Alice in chains". In 2001 Crisis Dance go to London, where they performed 4 club shows in two weeks. Evgenii Lisenkov was temporary replaced by Alexander Titov (who previously played in Аквариум and Кино). Listners apriciated the band, not even knowing, that it came from Russia. One of the most bright happenings in the history of the band was an interview on “Russian radio” with extremly popular russian journalist Seva Novgorodcev. Official site: Here you can download all songs of Crisis Dance: My space: :

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