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There are at least four artists with this name: 1. Producer/DJ from New York City ( 2. Belgian DJ/Labelowner of Bokal ( 3. Swedish DJ/Producer 4. Australian Band 1. Style: House/Electro/Hip-Hop Soundcloud: Facebook: Crisp is an up and coming producer from New York City whose work covers a range of styles. Although much of his work is in a house or electro vein, Crisp recently gained noticed from the trap community for his rework of A$AP Rocky's Goldie. He has also remixed Why You Wanna by T.I. and has a variety of original tracks (Under the Arbor, In Da House, The Blue Whale, and Cult of Personality) off of his Born Again EP which was released through the popular music blog Gotta Dance Dirty. 2. Style: Minimal Techno, Techhouse, House Born in: Belgium MySpace: BOKAL is a Belgian music label launched early 2007 by Kristof Pierco and Yves van Broekhoven (aka Crisp & ivow), focusing on abstract and stripped electronics, without losing touch with the dancefloor. All artists who are contributing to BOKAL are using alter ego's in order to let the music speak for itself. Cause in the end, music is all that matters, and namedropping mumbojumbo is of lower importance. We create a virtual world for these artists in wich they have total creative freedom. No limitations based on expectations related to their real identity... 3. Style: Swedish House, Electro Born in: Sweden MySpace: MySpace/crispsthlm Produced and released Hip-hop in the late 90’s until 2004 when Mi Casa Productions released the album “Gladiators” along with DJ Chulo. I then got tired of producing Hip-Hop and became a House producer. He has played in Hultsfred in 2004 with the live house act Crisp und Steel. Crisp is also currently a member and producer in Crisp Und Steel, The Puff and Kristian & Christian. 4. Style: Acid Jazz, Jazz, Funk Crisp where a Jazz / Funk band that started in Adelaide, Australia in the late 1990's, most notably known for being one of the first bands of Sia. The first and only E.P Delirium was released in 1997.

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