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There are two artists with the name Crispy. 1. Crispy was a Danish Traditional Bubblegum dance act founded in 1997 in Copenhagen. Their first (and only) album, The Game, includes catchy, fun, candy-coated dance songs about tropical beaches, dinosaurs, and video games. Crispy are probably most well-known for their hit single "Licky Licky", and their 1999 hit "In & Out". Crispy consisted of three members: •Mads B.B. Krog (sometimes credited Mads B.B. Krogh). Mads wrote most of Crispy's songs and was Crispy's main producer. •Mette Christensen. Mette was the group's main vocalist and also helped write the song "Love Is Waiting" which featured on The Game. •Christian Møller. Christian controlled the keyboard and also supplied the male backup vocals. Gry Bay. Gry Bay joined XPY after Mette's passing as the main vocalist. The Game was recorded and mixed in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Several versions of the album were released, the most common being the 12-track release. The Japanese Version of the album also contained four exclusive bonus tracks, including two previously unreleased songs "Bad Girls" and "Happy King". See the Discography section for more information. Crispy was very successful in Scandinavia and Asia. They were awarded with the "Pop Shop Award '98" for Best Scandinavian Debut Release, beating 15 other nominees. A few years ago, Mette, the group's main vocalist, passed away from cancer. Out of respect for Mette, the two remaining members Møller and Krog have not released any new material under the group name "Crispy" and, therefore, Crispy albums and releases have become very rare. Instead, a new alias was created "XPY", and a number of singles were released under the new name before the act was abandoned in the early 2000s. 2. Crispy is also the stage name of Chris Haines, a Seattle-based DJ. Information from his website: "With 12+ years behind the decks, Crispy expertly covers the gamut from deep ambient and ethereal downtempo, to booty-shaking tribal progressive, psychoactive breaks, and blissful psytrance. To keep things interesting, some well-crafted genre blending can usually be expected. Whatever he plays, you can be sure that it will be groovy and smoooooove. This Seattle-based DJ will regularly be found at club nights, Burning Man events, chill rooms, parties, festivals and out of door experiences."

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