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Cromok biography

Cromok is a famous Malaysian band in the late 80's which, at the time, were known as one of the pioneers of underground bands in Malaysia. Cromok was formed in Australia by 4 Malaysian students who studied in Australia. At that time the line up was: Din, Karl, Miji and Sam. Currently only Karl, Miji and Sam are left from the original line-up. After Din left the group, he formed his own band known as D'Cromok. Unfortunately, Din passed away after D'Cromok released their eponymous debut album around 1997. May God Bless him. Their music has been described as "more to speed thrash with Malay elements", good examples being their songs 'Siblings' and 'Metallurgical'. And who can forget their most popular song: 'Another You'... Current line-up: Miji - drums HIllary - guitars Sam - bass, vocals Former/past members: Karl - guitars Man Puck - guitars Din (RIP) - guitars, vocals

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