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Crucial Conflict is a Chicago rap group best known for their 1996 single "Hay" from the album "The Final Tic" and "Scummy". The group members are Coldhard, Wildstyle, Kilo and Never. They frequently collaborate with fellow Chicago rappers Do or Die and Twista. Their newest songs are Barn Fire, They What, and Ride out Dip. Crucial Conflict put Chicago on the map. With great raps, they were compared to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, who they later ended up beefing with. When the smash hit "Hay" dropped, it sparked the sales of their album "The Final Tic", which ended up selling over 3 million copies worldwide, going 3X Platinum. They followed in 1998 with the album "Good Side, Bad Side", which went Gold, with the single "Scummy". Another popular track on this album, entitled "Back Against The Wall", was a dis to Cleveland Rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, after a song on their album, "The Art of War", made a negative reference to members of Crucial Conflict. After a ten-year hiatus, Crucial Conflict unexpectedly came back with their independent release of the album "Planet CruCon", in early 2008. 2. CRUCIAL CONFLICT terbentuk pada 17 agustus 1999. Dengan formasi awal ini (xave- guitars, krisno-guitars, wicak-vocal, ade-bass, tantok-drumer), CRUCIAL CONFLICT membuat album pertama “PEACE AND FREEDOM” pada tahun 2000, direalese oleh boneka tanah records. Di awal promo album Krisno dan Tanto keluar dan posisi mereka di gantikan oleh Zack – guitars dan Hendy-drumers, untuk memulai promo album. Karena adanya perubahan musikalitas ke arah dark metal, akhirnya CRUCIAL CONFLICT menambah personil keyboard [lanang]. Di formasi ini crucial conflict merilis album ke dua 2007 “BLOOD OF SACRIFICE” yang di release oleh bluesky records Bandung. Masalah kembali datang dengan keluarnya Hendy dan Lanang, dan masuk drumers baru [gede] untuk memulai promo album ke dua. Pada awal tahun 2010 Zack memutuskan keluar dari CRUCIAL CONFLICT,dan posisi yang di tinggalkan Zack di isi oleh Kia.

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