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Cube::hard biography

His real name is Tom Wright, and his career in music production started in 1999, after 6 years of DJ'ing. He lives in Kent, England, and is also very influenced by the UK based music-styles "UK Hardcore" Cube::Hard may be better known under the name Stargazer, under which he produced and engineered lots of hardcore tracks for people like "CLSM" and "Breeze & Styles", plus producing his own tracks, like the legendary track "Ultimate High". In 2005 he changed his alias to Cube::Hard, because he thought it was better fitted for the music he produced. Earlier he only produced hardcore music, but now he also make more experimental music. Though being a relatively new artist in the hardcore scene, Cube::Hard has already been widely accepted, and is featured on both "Bonkers", "Hardcore Heaven" and "Wow (What A Rush)" compilations.

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