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Cuff the Duke is a Canadian band from Oshawa, Ontario, that has been active from 2001. They play a blend of traditional country and folk music with indie rock influences, and can be categorized as an alt-country group. The line-up of the band has evolved, with the consistent members thus far being Wayne Petti (vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica, bass) and Paul Lowman (bass, piano, backing vocals, fiddle, guitar, lap steel). Petti and Murray have also released solo albums. Cuff the Duke’s debut Life Stories for Minimum Wage was released on Toronto-indie Three Gut Records on October 15, 2002 to rave reviews. Critics heralded their efforts as “intense” and “timeless.” Emphasis was placed on the mature aspect of the album…a surprise considering the members (all originally from Oshawa) were only 21. July 2005 saw the sophomore release of the self-titled Cuff the Duke on Hayden’s Hardwood imprint (a first besides Hayden himself), distributed by Universal. A favourite of the fans, college radio (#2 national) and critics alike, they wowed audiences with their live show wherever they played. Early in 2006, Halifax’s Dale Murray (The Guthries) joined the band to play electric and steel guitar. With founding members Wayne Petti and Paul Lowman, the band embarked on additional extensive North American touring. Somewhere amongst all of that, several van breakdowns included, Cuff the Duke managed to be part of an exciting, primarily instrumental band called The Hylozoists, led by producer/musician Paul Aucoin, who’s La Fin Du Monde came out spring ’06 on Boompa/EMI. 2007 saw the re-release of Cuff the Duke’s 2002 debut Life Stories for Minimum Wage, Wayne Petti’s solo debut City Lights Align, as well as the band's third full-length album, Sidelines of the City. Later releases include Way Down Here (2009) and Morning Comes (2011). Current members: Wayne Petti – vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica, bass (2001–present) Paul Lowman – bass, piano, backing vocals, fiddle, guitar, lap steel (2001–present) Dale Murray – guitar, pedal steel, backing vocals (2005–present) AJ Johnson - drums, percussion, backing vocals (2011-present) François Turenne - Live Guitars (2009–present) Past members: Jeff Peers – guitar, keyboards, percussion (2001–2005) Brad Fudge – drums, percussion (2001–2003) Matt Faris – drums, percussion (2003–2006) Patrick Conan – live drums, percussion (2006) Paul Aucoin – live keyboards, percussion (2005–2006) Steve Krecklo – lead guitar, lap steel, keyboards, organ, percussion, backing vocals (2002, for Life Stories for Minimum Wage) Christopher Sandes – live keyboards (2007–2008) Corey Wood – drums, percussion (2006-2010) Official website:

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