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Cujorius One is the result of a cooperation between three guys In their mid twenties who were born and rasied in Copenhagen: Cujo A. Hora, Barney Jacobs & Nicolas Titti. During their later teen years, they discovered each other and began playing music together for fun. Soon they were living the philosophy of "Eating and sleeping music". They built a studio, "The Front", in Cujo's House, and have been based there throughout the past years. They haved continued to make many of their tracks and side project tracks there. In 2001, Cujorius One had their first release. They've continued to have many releases since then. # In addition. Cujorius One enjoys working with other musicians such as Sensient, Genetic Spin Dj Ruth / Meeloo, and Neotone who have inspired their productions. Curious One also has many side projects they work on. Many problems and obstacles has been placed in the way of the music over the years bankrupt labels, corrupt labels, labels closing, computers breaking down, synths getting stolen, promoters and organizers not paying for gigs, etc. But the show and the party must go on, and Cujorius One will not stop because of things like this slowed down perhabs. The passion and need for music keeps us going. Hope to see you all at a party somewhere or in the Copenhagen area. Beer donations are always welcome.

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