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There are two bands named Curiosity: 1. Curiosity is a quirky, dark female-fronted synth project from Chicago. Curi is a multi-talented independent artist who writes, sings, performs and produces all of her own material. She seamlessly incorporates gothic Victorian themes, frilly dresses and Japanese influences into a dark electronic cabaret style to create a beautifully designed Broadway musical horror movie. Combining influences that range from showtunes to Stromkern, the phrase Gothic Lolita Industrial Jazz Music was coined to describe the Curiosity look and sound. Curi creates her own style of moody, hard hitting piano-centered digital synth music layered with heavy guitars, underneath her trademark feisty vocal stylings. She yields a bizarre combination of Industrial sounds, synthpop-esque beats, and jazz-style arrangements. Curiosity dresses in the poofy, lace-covered Japanese Gothic Lolita style of Harajuku street fashion. She speaks fluent Japanese, with some of her songs containing Japanese lyrics intertwined with English. Curiosity released her first full-length album The Forced Magician independently in 2002. Dark Realms Magazine called it "a solid debut release of original alternative music that leans toward the darkside." Legends Magazine stated that "The Forced Magician is sure as fuck different, biting and fun." In 2007, Curiosity embarked on a two month tour throughout the East Coast. The live shows were supported by performance artist ToyBox Theatre, who was onstage alongside Curiosity play-acting with puppetry and elaborate costumes. The current Curiosity live show lineup consists of Curi on vocals, keyboards and guitars, supported by the charming angelfairy guitarist Noël Heresy. The two will be touring Japan in support of Curiosity's upcoming release of the Liquorice EP. (Curiosity is not to be confused with the UK band Curiosity Killed the Cat, who released a Japanese album under the shortened name "Curiosity.") 2. Curiosity is a Polish melodic heavy/thrash metal band from Grajewo. The band started in 2009 and by the end of the year recorded their debut EP "Relief", which is to be released in March 2010. Their music is a combination of melodies of heavy metal and energy and speed of thrash metal.

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