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"Already a sensation on the Internet, young Curtis Vodka has been flipping songs on the regular and making the Internet go nuts all on a simple desktop computer tucked away in the urban sprawl of Anchorage, Alaska. A simple Google search will soon explain why we had to track Curtis down and finally get him to press these tracks for the club. Thus, you have Flamin Hotz 002 the Yeti Bounce EP where hard hitting Baltimore breakbeats meld with icey Alaskan keys creating a souled out sound that will make you want to hold your partner and slow dance fast." "Breaking his way into the music business via, the Internet, young Curtis Vodka is straight from the cold-ass ghetto lands of Anchorage, Alaska. At age 14, young Curtis got his first DJ set and practiced everyday (before and after school) with his schoolmates. Naturally, that would evolve into beat-making, which would last until the mentally-confusing age of 16. Due to the pressures of teenage angst combined with economics, Curtis would be forced to take a sabbatical from his growing passion. Like many other hopeless youth, he took a dive into the underworld of the mean streets. After being enveloped in the darkness for about 2 years, he was called back towards the light. With a reinvigorated force and new game plan, which involved leaving school for TOTAL focus and dedication, Curtis was back like he never left! With an upcoming European tour, and his first OFFICIAL ep (Yeti Bounce on Flamin Hotz Records) on the way, AINT NO STOPPIN this kid from getting his Grown Man on! With support from unbelievable talent such as Disco D, Cosmo Baker (The RUB), Sir Nenis (Top Billin'), Buddy Leroy (215/Broady Champs), Chipset (Baltimore Bass Connection), and a LONG list of others, he is HERE for the long haul." from

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