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Cyber Cartel / Intergalactic - is Vic Shefi. Since 1998 Vic has been playing at Trance events world wide and creating electronic music, mainly Psychedelic Trance but also experimental music. The Cyber Cartel / Intergalactic projects are dominated by the powerful rhythm & grooves, psychedelic harmonies mixed together so amazingly, creating some of the finest trance music available today. The debut Cyber Cartel album (November 2002) showed the full on energy, which is the source of sound circulation in its psychedelic labyrinths. This is the magic vision of today's Goa Psy trance, powerful and unlimited with strong bass lines pushing the full on sounds beyond the reality. Since the release of his album Vic entered his studio with one goal only - to enrich the sound and quality that are unique to his powerful melodic combinations with fresh psychedelic trance grooves. Second Cyber Cartel album is expected end of 2007.

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