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There are / were at least two artists with the name Cyclone Tracy. 1. Cyclone Tracy was one of the countless dance-projects from the German producers Paul Hutsch and Steve Baltes. They had some massive club hits in the 90s with tracks like "Piano In Trance" or "Guide To Eternity". 2. Cyclone Tracy was a Thrash Metal / Hard Rock group from Melbourne, Australia. They released at least one demo tape before putting out two albums, 1996's One Eyed and 1998's Schlock! Encyclopadedia Metallum has this to say about them: "Cyclone Tracy was a Melbourne heavy metal/rock band who styled themselves on Skid Row. Janevski split from Cyclone Tracy in September 1999 after becoming disenchanted with the band's gradual shift into a nu-metal direction inspired by Coal Chamber. He was replaced by Kris Requelm. Little was heard from Cyclone Tracy after this point and the band split-up in May 2002." Janevski now plays in the Melbourne based Power Metal band, Black Majesty.

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