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Cygna biography

Cygna is a field of humble atmospheres in a warm lit sound journey created in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea by the gentle prodigy Mario Sammut. Since 1998, the mentioned artist has been composing subtle operas through various sound sources that he constantly and passionately interacts with. Film directors, ambient music gurus, and a world of other artists continue to be amazed by the graceful force of his organic sound works, compositions, and visionary arts collaborations. The combination of analogue warmth, rhythmic beats, modified ambience sounds, and classical instruments is the wonder found in Cygna’s works: elegant and ardent, gentle as a butterfly’s wing yet deep and grounded like the eldest carob tree. In many ways, Cygna’s creations transport the listener through a warm passage of humbleness where the heartbeat sounds evoke Cygna’s unique colours in the world of symphonic ambient. The fervent trajectories which are created by the upcoming artist dive deep into the listeners’ stream of thought, and accompany each space by evoking a dreamy background right at the centre of their heart. Similar to nature’s secret, Cygna responds to and yields an array of inner sounds within all of his listeners, many of whom are astounded every time they embark on his musical journeys, those natural works of his humble soul. At the start of this third millennium, Cygna’s creations possess the perfect sense of belonging as they invite the listener to stop and feel the inner space, the outer environment, be it human and native, light and deep. Cygna may be truly identified as one amazing sky of surprises that is heading towards genuine success with docile spirit and prestigious works. Myspace:

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