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If asked a question regarding the ideal feedback people would offer when exposed to the CYGNOSIC sound the response would be analogous. Electronic sounds fuelled from a vast range of influences and filtered through an extremely individual touch. A passionate and energetic musical attack functioning in multiple levels ushered by harsh and distorted verbal proclamations with a very conscious view of the world and the human psyche. This Athens-based, one man band of Georg Psaroudakis was originally formed late in 2006, in an attempt to execute this notion. In 2007 the self-released EP “In the lag of time” was revealed to the public and served as an initial introduction to the scene. In 2008 CYGNOSIC signed to BLC Productions, an American indie label specialized in industrial music and in 2009 the debut album entitled “A deity in pain” was released and received excellent album reviews and critiques. Additionally throughout these years CYGNOSIC participated in various compilations and albums with various remixes, remaining active and alert, giving interviews to several magazines and web sites plus performing live in various occasions and thus remaining interactive with their audience and therefore forming a considerably extensive fan core. At 2010 the band finalized its second full length album recordings and got signed to Deathwatch Asia from Japan, followed by the release of the "One Step Forward" EP at 2011 and some months later the "Fallen" Full Length CD which was considered by many, both people and press, as the Dark Electro album of the year. At 2012 the band release a remake of the debut album entitled "A deity in Pain Reborn" while the sold-out album "Fallen" is released again as a double CD. In 2013 CYGNOSIC releases its third album entitled "Fire And Forget" in two Editions, a European one by Black Rain of Germany and an International one by DWA of Japan as well as "Crawl" 12'' Picture Vinyl Single release of at early 2014, taken from "Fire And Forget" Album in strictly limited numbers. At the end of 2014 a new 4th full length Self-titled album is recorded in 2 CDs entitled "Pitch Black" and "Snow White". "Pitch Black" consists of new electro tracks while "Snow White" is a selection of tracks from all discography, re-recorded from scratch and converted to metal. Prior to the Official release date, the electro Pitch Black CD is given away with the December/January Issue of Orkus! Magazine and its normal double version release takes place at 13th of January 2015. Since its first appearance to present day, the band counts a lot of official releases, has involved in a huge number of remixes, and shared the stage many times with other great and well-established bands around the world. For further information check out the official website: See also:

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