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Cygnus biography

There are several musicians/bands called Cygnus. 1. Phillip Washington is an electronic musician based in Texas. Releases atmospheric and scientific electro on labels such as CPU and Biosoft Records. 2. Heath Moerland (Sick Llama/Barf Thoth/Fag Tapes) and Glen Morren (Night Movie) playing weird, ultra-crude jams, in the vast no man's land between Michigan style noise and LAFMS oddity. 3. Paolo Rozzotto's idea of an extended musical concept defines Cygnus as a band of diverse genres, such as progressive, symphonic metal, thrash, neoclassical, classical, etc. The ensemble of tonal and atonal composition, under the rules of maximalism (created by Paolo Rozzotto), gives to the sound of the band a really unique style, with a lot of mix emotions. Cygnus influences are clearly from the baroque, classical composers as we can appreciate on the different music pieces, we can listen also on some composition the presence of the mystical chord of Skryabin that gives to us a very floating atmosphere. Cygnus members are Paolo Rozzotto (guitarist, composer), Josue Sandoval (singer), Javier Lossi (bass), Gustavo Flores (drums) and Emeline Lopez (keyboards, piano). 4. Cygnus from Edmonton, Canada was formed in 2009 by members of Begrime Exemious, Cope, and Hominid to play a potent mixture of stoner doom metal and sludge. Currently, the band has released one demo on Dark Descent Records.

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