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Cyklones biography

CYKLONES (Yellow sunshine records) - Progressive trance to psy-progressive Live act Born in 2001, Cyklones is the project between Philippe Sancier (aka Sensifeel) and Pierre Dauny (aka Dj Drenan). At the same time than his own concept, Philippe decided with Pierre to use the power of their friendship in music, and developed a groovy trance progressive and psychedelik sound. Active in the scene since many years, they've progressed as individual artist, Dj DRENAN, SENSIFEEL, and together as dj's team CYKLONES; playing from Chill out to progressive and psytrance music. Their first release on Novatek "Micho micha" which have received pretty good feedbacks from the listeners and dancers, gave them the desire to keep going on their work. After several years of work and performances, they built an impressive story with their debut album "City of klones" that will be released on YELLOW SUNSHINE on Sept 25th of 2006. A big mix of all feelings, from Club styles to psyprogressive trance sounds.

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