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Cymarshall Law is a MC's MC. Currently an has an album out called 'Hip Hop In the Flesh' and another Freedom with brother Skit Slam in their group Everliven Sound , both albums are currently on sale in may place online including itunes. He has recently collabed with KRS-ONE for the single CONTROL that is the first single that will lead to the full album by Cymarshall Law & producer Mr. Joeker out of Hungary the album is a follow up to Hip Hop in the Flesh and called 'Hip Hop in the Soul' scheduled for 2008 Summer release. Full Bio Below The best music always comes from the heart; it is honest and almost real enough for you to touch. Enter Cymarshall Law. Born on August 29th the same day as jazz great Charlie Parker and King of Pop Michael Jackson, Law has always taken this as a sign that he too could achieve greatness in life. When he was 9 his parents moved his family from his birthplace in United Kingdom to the U.S. in order to give their children greater opportunities. Across the Atlantic is where CyMarshall would first meet and fall deeply in love with Hip Hop. In school he excelled in English classes because it was the perfect way for him to express his creativity and emotion, but it wasn't until the 7th grade when his older brother who was already an M.C. convinced him to begin writing rhymes. Law quickly advanced as a writer and soon began performing anywhere there were people willing to listen. In 2000 during his first year of college he realized due to lack of funds he no longer would be able to attend. This only gave Law the right fuel needed for him to pursue his true dream of becoming a successful artist. Law began working full-time in efforts to build his home studio with the help of his brother and now partner Skit Slam. The two formed the group Everliven Sound meaning their Sound will live forever and never die. During late 2001 the brothers began their own label titled Freedom Entertainment and found the money to press 500 copies of a vinyl Ep they named Everlution. Since then Law has consistently released at least 2 cds a year each selling at least 1,000 copies or more individually ( including but not limited to collab cds with Pumpkinhead ( Powerman and Ironfist , Skit Slam ( Everliven Sound ) and Silent Knight ( The Silent Law ). Cymarshall has performed in many places across the United States and Europe making a name for himself as a charismatic and energetic performer who never leaves a crowd unsatisfied. In 2003 Law won an Emcee Battle at Tower records in Philadelphia judged by platinum selling recording artists The Black Eyed Peas and has previously and since shared stages with KRS-ONE, Smif-N-Wesson, Bootcamp Clik, Sean P , Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Wordsworth , The Last Emperor , Jean Grae , Crayz Walz , Immortal Technique and a list of other talented emcees. In 2004 Cymarshall also got his first chance to perform at two legendary Hip Hop events The Rocksteady Reunion and Scribble Jam , both known for bringing out thousands of Hip Hop fans from all over the world. Laws talents have brought him all over the world touring Europe several times he was one of the featured performers at Canada's 2006 DMC DJ battle Championship. In 2007 Cymarshall Law got picked up by Rawkus Records to become one of the Rawkus 50 which Rawkus described as "the next most important artists in Hip Hop". Cy was also selected to be on the famous/legendary Vans Warped Tour and crowned an EOW ( End of the Weak ) MC Challenge Champion all in 2007. Cymarshall's efforts don't stop with music you can find him on television too checkout Music Choice On Demand Originals > Tha Corner and then check out a show called The Undergrind where Cy is seen in the intro to the Independent Hip Hop video show , he was cast as the icon for the best of the best up and coming artists doing their thing. Now receiving the Hip-Hop stamp of approval from The Blastmaster himself Cymarshall Law releases CONTROL Feat. KRS-ONE the first single from the upcoming Album Hip Hop in the Soul slated for Spring 2008 which is entirely produced by the Next Great Producer Mr. Joeker. Law represents what many people say is missing from the Hip Hop game the ability to go against the grain , be original have his own style and flavor but still appeal to the masses, he is a born star. Not to mention his story telling skills Cymarshall is the full package. Blessed with a unique voice which he once thought was a weakness, but now realizes is a definite strength CyMarshall Law strives to be the master of his life and show people the unlimited possibilities of life by way of his first love Hip Hop.

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