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Cymphonique Miller "Lil Miss Swaggar" When the input Hollywood Dream Music / Fontana, recording artist, Cymphonique cool clean swaggar, she must use one of the fast-growing market for music in young people and still have a chance to sell millions of records. Cymphonique Miller is a great demand over the Internet and the national exposure the school estate. Cymphonique stardom is built on the Internet, like other popular artists such as Soulja Boy, Cassie, and Drake. Cymphonique (sometimes written as a musical) is only thirteen (13) years. Los Angeles native Cymphonique has received the title of "Lil Miss Swaggar", and is like the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Keri Hilson and Miley Cyrus. Her young age, she is already quite active again. Cymphonique music style and fashion sense are a mix of pop, R & B and Hip Hop. Her incredibly powerful vocals are undeniable. In addition, she is a serious and talented actress and dancer, who use these skills through musical theater with children's theater Experience. Cymphonique trained ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop, and is also competitive in the kick box champion and martial arts expert. She released several singles to date, but non of them had major successes on the major song charts.

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