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Cypher biography

There are several musicians using the name Cypher. (1) Cypher is an alias used by Marc Acardipane for several releases on PCP sublabel Cold Rush Records, between 93 and 94. Nearly 10 years later 2 more Cypher tracks were released on Resident E complations. (2) A Dutch death/thrash band. Band History Out of the ashes of several local bands in the underground scene, T and Sander decide to form a new band, returning to their death/thrash roots. A drummer was found in 2003, David Barker, who features on the band's first recording, "Forward Devolution". Bass duties are performed by the hired Sander Koolen, bass player of Blo.Torch, another death/thrash band from The Hague. Soon after the release of "Forward Devolution" a bass player is found in the person of Pioko. After several lineup changes and auditions, a steady lineup is found when Frank is asked to join the band on drums. A label is found in the upcoming dutch Rusty Cage Records. After performing several successful live shows in their home country, Cypher enters the Excess Studios in Rotterdam in 2005 to commence work on their first full-length album, ''Darkday Carnival''. As of 2011, the band has split up, but two of the members have moved on to a new project. Concept Delving in the fall of man, the darker side of human nature and lyrically alluding to a loss of individuality, self and identity, Cypher captures the essence of Death/Thrash: Dark, extreme, brutal. The band's name Cypher further adverts to concealed meanings in both lyrics, artwork, and music. Cover art for "Darkday Carnival" (Babylon Revealed) is handled by The Puritan. Discography Forward Devolution [Promo] (2003) Darkday Carnival (2006) Tyrian MMVIII (2008) (3) A metal band from South Africa that was formed in 2002 and later disbanded in 2004. (4) Three piece from Australia known for their cinematic instrumental compositions. They have released one EP named "Life Changing Sunnies". (5) Electronic Arts in-house production team who has produced songs for the Need for Speed video game series.

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