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Brian Zuckerman, the man behind Cyrenic, presents a powerful example of what music can be when an artist has the drive--and the talent--to bring his own visions to life, uninterrupted. This is because Zuckerman controls every aspect of his music, from composing the powerful instrumentals that drive each song to writing lyrics, performing vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and programming and producing the tracks. Such total mastery gives him the freedom to produce songs that perfectly reflect his vision every time--and the resulting music is a powerful manifestation of that; each song possesses a unity and clarity of tone that can only come from an artist who has owned every single piece of the track, from concept to execution. Cyrenic combines intense beats, driving riffs, lush soundscapes and soaring melodies with raw, sometimes earnest vocals. The resulting sound is unique but will appeal to fans of both melodic and hard rock. Following the release of "A New Meaning", Cyrenic's second album, Brian has formed a 5 piece live band to bring the music to the live stage and beyond. Taken by:

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