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Born in 1974, Cyrille Aufort started his career as an arranger, working for many artists such as Michel Sardou, Michel Fugain, Serge Lama, Charles Aznavour, Philippe Lavil, Bernard Lavilliers......... He also worked as an orchestrator for movie soundracks : "Massaï, les guerriers de la pluie", "San Antonio", "Blueberry", "Hostage", "L'odyssée de l'espèce", "Ah, si j'étais riche", "Le cactus"...... The first film for which he composed music was "9A" directed by Reza Rezaï. He wrote music for documentaries, TV advertising and short films. He scored the music for "Hell" directed by Bruno Chiche and recently for the movie "Splice" directed by Vincenzo Natali and "L'Empire Du Milieu Du Sud" directed by Jacques Perrin and Eric Deroo.

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