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Cyrine biography

Cyrine Abdelnour (born on February 21, 1977) (also known as Cyreen Abdul Noor) is a popular Lebanese singer and a leading female celebrity in the Middle East. Her Father is Lebanese and Syrian mother. She burst into the music scene by her album, Leila Min El Layli which was released in about 2004. The album was considered a hit in the Middle East and shot Cyrine to her fame. Cyrine's second album Aalik Ayouni,became a blockbuster hit. The single, Lou Bass Fi Ayni became one of the most popular and widely listened songs of 2006, followed by a second single, Aalik Ayouni. Cyrine is known for her wonderful vocal talents and she has amazed the Arab World with her many hit songs. She is also an active singer and has gone on a number of tours around the world. Discography : Leila Min El Layli (2004) Aalik Ayouni (2006) Layali Al Hob (2008)

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