Cyrus top 20 songs


Cyrus biography

1) One of the aliases of Mark Ernestus & Moritz Von Oswald. They produced and recorded minimal dub techno on Basic Channel based in Berlin. (See also the entry for Rhythm & Sound) 2) Cyrus is a metal/hardcore band from Bangor, ME. They have a myspace at 3) A former underground metal band from Youngstown, OH., started in 2000. The band split up in 2003. 4) An electropop/electrorock one-man band from Gothenburg, Sweden 5) Drum n Bass & Dubstep producer from London. 6) Dubstep producer (real name J. Flynn) 7) Another band called Cyrus is from Lubbock, Texas. They have a myspace at Their band website is 8) Another Cyrus that was fronted by david weise ,they play bi-sexual girl 9) Death metal band from Persia (Iran)

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