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Cystem Cex is comprised of three members that aim to bring the ideas of Death, Violence, and Fornication together into a mix that leaves dance floors thundering and hearts pounding. Only having started Cystem Cex in September 2007, they have managed to break some serious boundaries. With the recent addition of a fully automated light show, Cystem Cex is a new face of the Industrial and EBM music scene. Cystem Cex is slowly becoming known for bringing large stage performances to the small everyday stages in small bars and clubs. See them play live to see what all the fuss is about. You definitely won't want to take your eyes off the incredible stage performance! With lyrics like "I wanna fuck you but not when your breathing, I wanna fuck you but your hearts still beating" It is no wonder that this band is being recognized globally. For booking or any other professional inquiries, please contact: or (Management-Ashley C)

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