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There are at least five projects working under the Czar Moniker: 1) Progressive rock band from UK 2) Brazilian producer and composer 3) Post-metal trio from Chicago and 4) A Progressive, post grind/mathcore quintet from Tacoma, Wa. 5) An improvisational down-tempo duo from Seattle 1. Keyboard-oriented rock with some KING CRIMSON, PROCOL HARUM and PINK FLYOD influences. This English foursome made their debut as TUESDAYS CHILDREN back in 1967. Although they did flirt with prog, their record company made sure they never strayed too far from pop. As such, they played the well-known clubs (Marquee, Speakeasy, Scotch of St. James, etc.) and toured extensively with the MOODY BLUES, PINK FLOYD, The TROGGS, The ANIMALS, The NICE, The KINKS, Jimi Hendrix, The WHO and a budding KING CRIMSON to name but a few. In 1970, they changed their name do CZAR, released one eponymous album and then broke up. 2. Felipe Arcazas – Also known as CZAR – is a producer and composer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His work consists mainly of soundtracks for movies and games, as well as Eps released under his monicker. All his work is available for download at 3. Czar is a Chicago post-metal trio consisting of Jason Novak and Dan Brill (Acumen Nation, DJ? Acucrack and 1350 CC) alongside Brian Elza (Chiral, Bridgelayer). The band favor the melodic dirge instrumental style (see: Tool, Jesu, Pelican, Mastadon). Their first EP was released on August 1, 2009 through Crack Nation records with a full-length titled "Vertical Mass Grave" released on December 6th, 2011. The band's music is created to be played live, allowing Dan Brill to wheepter on the drums, Brian Elza to shimmer on his guitar stacks, and Jason Novak to murmur low end guitar anthems while triggering your aresenal of sounds and ethereals on his feet. Czar is currently booking midwest shows: 773-793-0119 Myspace: 4. "CZAR from Tacoma" A post grind, tech quintet that started as a quartet under the name Osama Bin Rockin. Czar gained a Keyboard player in 2011 and released "Old Haunts" 11-23-11. 5) Formed in 2006, CZAR (also known as CZAR (US)) is a down-tempo improvisational duo from Seattle, Washington, consisting of Nick Landreth on the guitar and Landon Martin on the drums. Initially birthed as a Industrial/Shoegaze solo project by Landon Martin, the 3-song EP "Motherland" was self-released in 2007, thus beginning a very apparent Russian theme. Shortly after, Nick Landreth came into the fold, and the group expanded their sound, creating music that drew heavily from the blues-based music of Black Sabbath and fellow Seattle band Earth, a sound the band describes as "Melodrone". In the spring of 2008 they recorded their debut album "Odin" (Russian for "one") with close associate Enrique Heano, who has worked with the likes of Neil Diamond and Enya. The album featured four improvisational pieces, recorded live, as well as three additional industrial/noise "interludes" (though they all exceed four minutes in length) created by Nick Landreth. As well, a B-Side was included, entitled "Mortal Coil", which was essentially a drone track performed entirely by Landon in the style of SunnO))). According to a MySpace update, material has begun compilation for the follow up, "Dva" (Russian for "two"). Dva will continue upon the Czarist Russia theme, with artwork featuring the second Russian Czar, Peter the Great (as well, the first album featured artwork portraying the first Russian Czar, Ivan the Terrible). -

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