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Czerwony Tulipan is a musical group and a cabaret from Olsztyn, Poland formed in 1985. Their musical style is poezja spiewana with a lot of lyrics and culture references. At the beginning the line up was: Ewa Cichocka (vocals), Krystyna Świątecka (vocals) and Stefan Brzozowski (vocals, acoustic guitar). In 1992 Andrzej Czamara (acoustic guitar) joined and the line up has not changed since then. The beginnings of Czerwony Tulipan can be traced to the 70s and the student band Niebo which was formed in 1972 in Olsztyn. The band split up in 1978, but it's members formed several bands afterwards (Bonieq, Kart, Ex) and later on Czerwony Tulipan.

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