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Dimitris was born in Piraeus, Greece in 1981 At the age of 11 he took trumpet lessons at the harmony central of Myrina, Lemnos. At the same time he was taught saxophone.Then, at the age of 15 he formed his first band "Ektos Sxediou" and he played alternative rock covers and wrote a few songs on their own. They played in about 100 live gigs in Lemnos in small bars, garages, even in Myrina National Stadium. Their highlight live gig was on 20 of July 1999 when they played at Lemnos Rock Festival along with "Terror X Crew", "Diafana Krina" and "Foivos Delivorias". Then he started to search and try to use new sounds and so he got into the electronical sound. Orbital, Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, New Order and stuff like this became his favourite bands since then. In the year 2000, he joined the army. He became a musician in the army orchestra. Since May 2002, he is a citizen and he started doing sound engineering for a few groups, a thing that he is still doing. He has finished his studies on music technology and sound engineering at I.I.E.K Akmi & at Preston University & College and took his bachelor diploma in music technology. His cooperation with Unicorn Music and Cosmicleaf Records started in May 2003/He is also cooperating with the composers Chistodoulos Siganos and Valentino as a programmer and sound engineer.

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