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D-Bo (Danny Bokelmann, * 6. Juni 1978) is a german rap-artists signed by Bushidos label Ersguterjunge. D-Bo grew up in Northeim and had already a good connection with Bushido in 1999. He, Bushido and King Orgasmus One created the Crew BMW (Berlin's Most Wanted). In autumn 99, he recorded his first CD called Deutscha Playa. He didnt sell many copies, but it was appreciated by the underground rap-scene. In 2002, he turned rap his back and began to be a basketball-trainer, with lots of success. When Bushdio left Aggro-Berlin in 2004, D-Bo was offered by him to create their own label called ersguterjunge. D-Bo accepted, moved to Berlin and you could hear him from now on on many ersguterjunge productions. They realesed an updated version of Deutscha Playa in 2004, with some slight changes, and in 2005, he realesed his second record called Deo-Veolente. His music can not be described as typical rap; his lyrics are meaningful, deep and they make u think about life and the meaning of it. In 2006 he released his third cd, called Seelenblut which hit spot 59 of the album charts without any promotion or single nor video. 2001: Deutscha Playa (Tape) 2004: Deutscha Playa Re-Release (CD) 2005: Deo Volente (CD) 2006: Seelenblut (CD) 2007: Sans Souci (CD) Release - 12.10.07

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