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Born of ogun state in Nigeria, district of West Africa, Ebenezer Onabanjo, Popularly known as D’Brown is recognized in serious music circles as one of the Nigeria’s most talented and serious exponent of Hip hop star. He comes from a background of musicians who have evolved the Nigeria music industry, afro hip hop, a style of music that originated nearly 70 years ago. Both distinguished artists in their times. At the age of fifteen, D’Brown was initiated in the art of singing by his grandfather, After 10 years of strict musical studies and practice sessions; D’Brown made his stage debut in the “City People Music & Movies Award", accompanied by Mo Hits All-stars, P Square, J Martin and host of other Nigerian top Artist. Since then he has become one of the Country's most sought-after concert artists, performing regularly in music conferences held throughout his home country. D’Brown's style retains the depth, resonance and sensitivity of hip hop in Lagos as well as laying stress on the subtle and lilting phrasing of rhythms. Through this combination, he brings to perfection the delicacy and sentimental mood of every music lover. He is a master of improvisation and possesses the rare ability to breathe life and originality into a classical theme, thereby moulding it into a living and captivating form. He has performed several times on the "National Program of Music" broadcast by All-Nigeria Radio, and has appeared on a special "External Services" television special. He has performed in Ghana, Europe and Most part of Africa. D’Brown has had the privilege of taking lessons from Majek Fashek, VIP, Femi Kuti, and Wyclef Jean. He has performed in different music festivals and carnivals; He has toured extensively in most part of Africa. The outstanding qualities of D’Brown's performances are his maturity, incredibly sweet and melodious presentation of his instrument, and his imaginative development in the true form of Music. D’Brown has had several recordings to his credit.

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