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The D Creation tale begins in early 2006 when Dawn Creation renewed itself and started its journey towards the epics of modern metal. The band members stabilised as Jan Jokinen (g), Timo Huttunen (g), Juha Kettunen (b), Heidi Hakoinen (k), Gianmarco Lauriola (d) and the new vocalist Olli Vuorinen, who brought with him versatility in song- as well as in growling/shouting, which was longed for. The year 2006 passed by looking for a common set and by making new songs. Rehearsing also took up a lot of time in order to get started with the first demo as soon as possible. In December of 2006 the band managed to pack up and move itself to the legendary D-Studio to record the first epic. This was meant to be the first step towards fame and glory. The demo, Pace Helvetia, did bring about a pleasant stir in the metal world winning the ”Demo of the month” title in the 9/2007 issue of Soundi-magazine receiving moreover very positive feedback. The record’s opening track Wish Beyond a Dream won “The Weeks Demo Candidate” contest on the radio station YleX, thus were heard the first radio tolls. Excited about the demo the band started to rehearse more rigidly aiming for a record contract and the possibility of making a debut album. Interested inquiries from record companies were received, but finally the decision to found their own record company, Silent Echo, was made through which the future output would be done. At the beginning of 2008 the band did in fact have a whole record full of songs ready. The decision was made to can them in the good old D-Studio. Jarno Hänninen who is known as the D-Studio busybody acted as the producer with legendary Tonmi Lillman, who is known for being the drummer in Ajattara, Vanguard, Kylähullut and To/Die/For. The debut album was finally ready in spring 2008, but at the start of the summer their drummer Marco decided to focus his energy on working life, so began the search for a new drummer. Finding a new drummer was relatively easy and only after a few weeks they continued band practise. Yuri Lustre joined the band and brought with him fresh vigour to old routines and patterns. The band has polished its music into a more sharp and precise form than ever before and is ready to take its first big steps. A distribution contract was signed with Playground Music Finland and the record was released on the 6th of May 2009.

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