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There are three bands called D-Day: 1) Japanese new wave band from the 80s 2) Punk/New wave band from Austin, Texas 3) Obscure punk band from Copenhagen 1978-1979. 2) Punk/New Wave band from Austin, Texas, regionally popular in the early 80's. De Lewellen - vocals Stuart Hillyer - guitar Dave Fore - drums John Keller - bass Glover Gill - keyboards Will Fiveash - guitar (replaced Stuart Hillyer) D-Day's first 45 rpm single "Too Young To Date" was written by David Fore and De Lewellen. It reached as high as #1 on Rodney Bingenheimer's show on KROQ in Los Angeles. A second single "Right to Know" also got a fair amount of air time on KROQ and on KLBJ in Austin. This led to a record with A&M in 1982 when Glover and Will had joined the band. Note that after the band had been together for a while, Glover Gill joined on keyboards and eventually Will Fiveash replaced Stuart Hillyer on guitar. You can read more about D-Day on this site: http://www.madmartian.com/music_dday.htm 3) Punk band from Copenhagen 1978-1979. Represented on two live sample albums "Concert of the moment" (Irmgardz 1980) and "Nosferatu Festival" (Nosferatu 1982) - some of the members continued in Fahrenheit or Count Duke's Septet see more : http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/D-Day_(band)

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