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D-formation biography

D-Formation is Dimas Carbajo: owner and label head of the Beat Freak Recordings group and one of the best DJs in the world. His career spans some 20 years and includes numerous international hits released under many pseudonyms (remember Flamenco Trip and Que Idea?) but it is as D-Formation that he is best known and most respected. D-Formation is the name on the lips (as well as charts and play lists) of all the most important international DJs. The success of tracks such as 'Starstuff', 'Signs&Portents' and 'The Third Dimension' (recently remixed by Victor Calderone) has been underlined by critical acclaim as well as commercial success, and this creative renaissance has been confirmed by a welter of remixing commissions and requests for collaboration. D-Formation has remixed and recently added his distinctive sound to tracks by Victor Calderone, Smokin' Jo, Chus&Ceballos and Jocelyn Brown amongst others. One curious fact is that D-Formation's remix of 'La Noche' by Coca&Villa was one of the top selling legal internet downloads of 2004. The fruits of studio work with Victor Calderone will see the light of day as a single sometime in 2005 and D-Formation is also working on a remix and recreation of the track 'Cloud 9' sung by Claudia Brocken (of Propaganda) and written by Claudia with Martin L Gore (of Depeche Mode). Aside from his heady success as producer, remixer and label head it is worth remembering that D-Formation is and always will be one of the best house DJs in the world and probably one of the most innovative. Recent sessions in cities as far removed as Sao Paolo, Tel Aviv, Sofia, London, Tokyo and Mexico DF have left no room for doubt that D-Formation is house's fastest rising international DJ: not only is his house big enough for everyone but he is reshaping, remodeling and reinventing house: taking house home. A session from D-Formation is not a session but a seamless production, deeper and darker progressive house than you can imagine, interspersed with lighter, faster, brighter sounds than you thought imaginable: hearing is believing. It is also worth noting that D-Formation productions have been an integral part of the sets of the following DJs (amongst others, too many to name): Danny Tenaglia, Timo Maas, Deep Dish, etc. and have appeared on the best compilations around the world, from Global Underground to Pacha. The last D-Formation single 'Monike' charted high with top DJs like Anton Fielding worldwide and at the same time D-Formation had no less than FIVE tracks on the Balance Record Pool Top 40. The next D-Formation single is called 'Attack' and will be released in March. It is already shaping up to be his biggest record yet.

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